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Facts and Tips About The Windows Operating System

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Who actually invented Windows? Zubayr tells you who is behind the operating system. In addition, there are helpful key comis.

You probably already guessed the topic I'm writing about, Windows! Everyone knows it, the operating system, Windows. Microsoft was the founder of Windows. Windows was released on November 20, 1985. So 35 years ago! Then it was finally not yet as modern as we can experience it today.

Who founded Microsoft?

The successful US company Microsoft was invented on April 4, 1975 by two programming geniuses Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The turnover was 125.8 billion US dollars (in 2019).

So, the founders of Microsoft are the founders of Windows and they are just Bill Gates (64 years) and Paul Allen. Paul Allen, died on October 15, 2018, he would be 77 years today, he unfortunately died of septic shock.

Bill Gates (A little of his life)

Bill Gates, is currently the second richest person in the world. The richest is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. Bill was also the richest for some time. Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington. Today he lives with his wife in Medina on Lake Washington.

His wife is a businesswoman and programmer. They have been married together since 1994. Together he and Melinda have 3 children - 2 daughters, and a son. Bill Gates, has 2 sisters. He was the second born. The parents of Bill Gates are William. H. Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates. William Gates works as a lawyer and Mary Gates as a teacher.

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Bill Gates' first program was a tic-tac-toe game. The game allowed other people to compete against the computer in tic-tac-toe. Bill was fascinated by how accurately the program of his game was executed. Bill Gates commented, "That was just the most elegant thing about this machine."

Bill Gates has planned to donate 90 to 95 percent of his total wealth by the time he dies, but he wants to give 0.02 percent to his children. Forbes Magazine estimates that Bill Gates led the list of richest people about 15 times between 1994 and 2014. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates in the list in 2017.

Paul Allen (A little of his life)

Paul Gardner Allen, as written, sadly died of septic shock on October 15, 2018. Today, he would be 77 years. He was in 2015 on the 51st place from the list of the richest people in the world. Together with Bill Gates, he founded the software company Microsoft. He was on the board of directors from 1975 to 1983.

Paul Allen was born in Seattle in 1953. His parents were Kenneth S. Allen (worked as assistant library director for the University of Washington) and Faye. G. Allen. (Probably didn't work, just at home, I think anyway.) Paul Allen, went to a private school called "Lakeside School".

He went to school with Bill Gates, who was 2 years younger, and they quickly became friends. Both were very interested in computers and computer science. Paul studied at Washington State Univesity after graduation, but after 2 years he dropped out.

Helpful Windows keyboard shortcuts

Attention: Goes only for Windows 10 

By the way: You can also change key combinations, that is, you can simply invent your own key combination for a function. Of course, these combinations do not work if they have been changed.

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  • Smileys: Hold down "Windows logo key" and dot at the same time, a box will appear with smileys you can click on, great for on kids thing because there are not so many smileys on kids thing.
  • Log off (you will then be taken to the lock screen, i.e. the start page): Press and hold "Windows logo key" and "L" at the same time.
  • Copy (if you want to save something from some text for a short time, then paste it somewhere, you don't have to copy everything): You make what you want to copy "blue", then you press "ctrl", and "c" at the same time and you have copied it.
  • Paste: if you then want to paste the copied text somewhere, you have to press "ctrl" and "v" at the same time and where you want to paste it (for example in a Word document), your copied text appears. This is great for people who don't want to copy a whole text to save it.
  • Open settings: Press "Windows logo key" and "I" simultaneously.
  • Open Explorer (your files are stored there): Press and hold "Windows logo key" and "E" at the same time, then the Explorer will open.
  • Create screenshot: Press "Windows logo key", "Shift" and "S" at the same time. "Shift" is the arrow you need to make the letters big. "Caps Lock", but does not work for this combo.
  • Open the clipboard: Hold down the "Windows logo key" and "V". The clipboard saves all your things and texts that you have copied with the previously mentioned key combination. Because many people always think that if you copy something, and then later you copy something again, then the previous thing is deleted, but this is not true. If you go to the clipboard, you will find all the copied elements. You can click on the box with the text you want to paste. When you click on this box, it will paste it immediately.
  • Accessing notifications: To access helpful notifications, (I recommend) you must press "Windows logo key" and "A", simultaneously. You can also simply click on the speech bubble at the bottom.
  • Switch to the desktop: If you want all the windows to go down so that you end up on the desktop, you can simply press "Windows logo key" and "D". But if you want all windows to go back up, you can do the same. Do the combination 2 times, and you see what I mean.

So, that was a lot of keyboard shortcuts, I can't list them all because there would be too many... If you want to know more, just tell me in the comments and I will tell you in a new post. Or maybe just answer in the comments.

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