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How to Hide the Finder Preview Pane in MacOS Mojave

How to hide the Finder Preview panel in macOS Mojave

With MacOS Mojave, you get Stacks, dark mode, a new screenshot tool and a more fully functional Finder. Let's have a look inside Finder's new bag of tricks.

How to hide the Finder Preview pane in macOS Mojave

Apple's latest version of macOS - macOS Mojave comes with many new macOS features and improvements, including Personal Favorites - macOS Dark Mode (finally!) and wallpapers. macOS dynamic screensaver. However, while most of the changes are great, there is one change that annoys users. The list view in Finder now shows a preview pane for no reason, and that can be quite annoying. So if you want to hide the preview pane in macOS Mojave, here's how to do it.

Hide Finder Preview Window in macOS Mojave

The most obvious thing that comes to mind when hiding the preview pane in macOS Mojave Finder is simply dragging it to the right edge of the window, and while this is a temporary fix, it always comes back. Appears when Finder starts. , and even when a new Finder window opens. However, fixing it is very easy. I like to call it the macOS Mojave hack, but it's really easy to do. Anyway, here it is.

With Finder open in list view, click View in the menu bar. Here, simply click on Hide Preview Pane. You can also use the keyboard shortcut "command + shift + P" to do the same.

The preview pane will now be hidden and will remain hidden when you launch Finder, or even when you restart your Mac. Now that you know how to permanently hide the preview pane in the Finder in macOS Mojave, you can choose whether or not you want the preview pane to remain visible.

Also, if you want to restore the preview pane later, you can simply activate it from the View menu or simply press command + shift + P to restore it.

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